“Tolocca” means “Take one?” in Japanese.

Let’s casually photograph yourself like that.
As you are, as you usually smile.
You are the best in your nature.
Let’s catch the blissful moment of you and your loved ones.

“Where to photograph you is how you photograph”

You can express your nature at ease in your home or favorite places.
We, Tolocca, visit your favorite place to photo you there.

“Communication makes your photo best”

Photographing you best requires knowing your nature and uniqueness.
The best shot of your nature comes from the environment where you feel at home.
Therefore, we ourselves enjoy photographing you with laughter and friendliness of you and us.


We are a bespoke wedding / family & vacation photographers team based in Nagano & Kyoto, Japan.
Two independent professional photographers are attending each photo session helping to capture each special moment.

・Your special wedding needs special photographs?
・Want a photo at the place of memories with yourself in your wedding attire?
・Find it uncomfortable to visit a studio with your baby?
・Want to have photos of your children at your home or favorite place?
・Want to keep the best moments of your trip?

We meet your demand! We visit anywhere and take the photo you desire anytime and as many photos as you want.

Anywhere we said. We meant it.
Based in Nagano, Japan, we visit anywhere at your requests, we even visit abroad.

Feel free to talk with us – in English as well.
Our staff can shoot in English. We also offer sightseeing tour where we photograph you, in Kyoto or Nagano Prefecture.
By the way, you don’t have to be a foreigner to experience our service; WE can become foreigners to photo you in your own country!

The owner photographer Masa is a member of these photo commuity / company, which only the worldclass photographers can join.


Husband and Wife Team

masahiro ikeda

Owner / Photographer / Videographer

He never misses the moment.
Takes a dramatic photo of grand composition.
He is always trying to communicate enough with you all, adults and children, to elicit your nature and uniqueness.

asami ikeda


She takes photos with mild atmosphere.
Popular photos are “snappy” with sophisticated color use.
Many people find her style more than satisfying: She plays with your children when photographing them to catch their natural expressions.

Pricing – Family / Vacation


JPY 40,000 + TAX

Family / Vacation

  • Approx. 30-50 photos
  • 1 location
  • Digital files included


JPY 60,000 + TAX

Family / Vacation

  • Approx. 100 photos
  • Multipule locations
  • Digital files included

Pricing – Pre Wedding


JPY 60,000 + TAX


  • Approx. 30-50 photos
  • 1 location
  • Digital files included


JPY 100,000 + TAX


  • Approx. 100 photos
  • Multipule locations
  • Digital files included

Pricing – Wedding Day

Celemony only

JPY 150,000 + TAX

Wedding Day

  • 250 photos
  • Digital files included

Reception Only

JPY 150,000 + TAX

Wedding Day

  • 250 photos
  • Digital files included


*Each plan is not excluding photographer’s travel expenses.
*PayPal overseas transaction fee (4.1% + 40yen) is needed.
*We will secure the date when the payment is complete.

If you want to split the payment, you need to pay a non refundable deposit (30,000 yen) to secure the date and pay the rest until 30days before the day of photo shooting.



Please fill out the form and we will get back to you soon.





Which Plan are you interested in?*
Family / Vacation PhotographyPre-Wedding PhotographyWedding Day PhotographyOther


Privacy Policy

Privacy policy
Tolocca, (hereafter, we), defines our privacy policy as below, structures the system to protect personal information, and ensures that all the staff should understand the importance and follow the system to enhance the protection of personal information.

Management of personal information
We shall conduct implement necessary practices, including maintenance of the security system, check of the management system and complete education for all the staff in order to control strictly the personal information with safety measure; thus we keep personal information of our clients accurate and up to date, and prevent the unauthorized access, loss, destruction, manipulation, and leak.

Purpose of use of your personal information
The personal information obtained from our clients will be used to send our mail or e-mail to inform you of our service or to answer questions from him or her.

Case where we expose the personal information to a third party
We control the personal information obtained from our clients and never exposure it to a third party unless the following condition is met:

・The client agrees with the exposure.
・We have to give the information to the subcontracting agent for the service the client desires.
・The law forces us to exposure the information.

Safety measure of personal information
We have our security system at its best practice for the accuracy and safety of personal information.

The request from the very person
When a client desires to confirm, modify or delete his/her own personal information, we confirm the identity and handle it.

Compliance and review
We shall be compliant with any laws of Japan and other rules relating to the personal information we have as well as we will have, and review the content of this policy when considered necessary to improve it.

Please contact us via the following information about inquiries on the usage of personal information for our service.

Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Name of seller

Name of representative
Masahiro Ikeda

1496-12 Nojiri Okuwa Kiso Nagano, 399-5504, Japan

Telephone call (Closed on Tue, Wed)

Prices are on the price list on the page above.

Necessary additional fees
Tax and Paypal transaction fee (3.9%)

The photos will be ready to hand out a month after the photo shooting.
It will be sent you by emailing the downloading link using “Dropbox”.

How to pay
PayPal only. Please make your payment within 7 days after you receive the invoice. After that, your order will automatically be cancelled.

Cancel policy
If you want to cancel the booking we will charge you the following fee.
If you cancel the booking earlier than 31 days before shooting, 50% of total charge you paid.
If you cancel the bokking later than 30 days before shooting, 100% of total charge you paid.